(20-21 de Junho)

Objectivos gerais

“The proposed 1st BIM International Conference aims to discuss BIM implementation worldwide and to generate synergies towards a more competitive industry by incentivizing the development of a BIM cluster able to export its BIM knowledge and competencies. As a construction industry professional you will be able to take part of this vision. This event focuses on the need for an appropriate BIM strategy to meet the business needs of the construction industry and will give special attention to the BIM process and how this process should drive technology selection and not the other way around.

The conference is business oriented, so networking is one of its main goals. The main International BIM experts are expected to attend the conference. There will be a third day with a cultural program dedicated to all the participants who are visitors to the city of Porto”


BIM and e-submission

BIM on Architecture

BIM on Engineering

BIM on Construction Management

BIM and Pre-fabrication

BIM on Facility Management

BIM: Processes and Quality Control

BIM: People, Culture and Change

BIM and Contract Management